Vanilla Sugar Cookie Set

Vanilla Sugar Cookie Set

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Ingredients: Almond and Coconut Flours, Butter, Erythritol,Vanilla Extract, Salt, Organic Food Safe Coloring, and Xanthan Gum.


Serving: 1-2 Small/Med Cookies or 1 Lg cookie/serving
Calories:   30/50/70
Fat:           2g/3.1g/5.8g
Carb:        1g/2g/2.3g
Fiber:      . 5g/1g/1.3g
Sugars:     0.8g/0.8g/0.8g    
Protein:     0.5g/1g/1.6g

  • Storing Method

    Will keep in a non-humid environment up to 5 weeks and can also be frozen up to 6 months.