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Where we started....

The Ketogenic lifestyle for me and my family, like most, was information overload. We must have read every book and blog associated with Keto. All I can say is thank goodness that we helped each other get through the transition into it, the keto flu and have all continued with this lifestyle to date.

We didn't start Keto for the weight loss benefits at first. In fact, it was of the suggestion of my sister, who researched on her own and suggested that we start this lifestyle to help my ailing mother. My mother had an autoimmune issue and was rapidly declining. We agreed as a family that the clean eating, the removal of grains, gluten, sugar and processed foods would benefit us all and possibly help her. My sister and I agreed that this would also help our brain, kidney and liver function in the long run and possibly prevent us from developing her condition. The weight loss was an added bonus for all of us. From my father, mother, sister, to my Aunt, to myself, we have lost over a combined 250 pounds!

For the first year of Keto, I missed bread. I wanted peanut butter toast. I wanted a sandwich! I tried every cloud bread and recipe I could find and finally refused to make another one. I decided to start from scratch and developed my own sliced bread that had the taste and texture of real "grain and gluten bread". During this journey, I was constantly posting on social media all of the food (and bread) I was making to show that my keto lifestyle wasn't lacking in any way. Someone simply commented that I should at least sell my bread. I had catering experience and knew how to mass produce products, so in one night I launched Everyday Keto To Go and two years later we are here with over 50 products!

Although my mother's journey ended, I know she is looking down on me proudly. I know she would be blown away at where things have taken me and this business but more importantly she would be proud of the people we are helping. Being able to provide options to different communities such as keto, gluten free/celiac, sugar free, or low carbohydrate has been an absolute blessing. We can't wait to offer more sweet and savory products!

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